Bosch 14 AMP Reciprocating Saw Review

It doesn’t matter what you’re cutting, be it wood, metal, plastic, or even ceramic, you’re going to want a tool that is going to be able to handle the task. The Bosch 14 AMP Reciprocating Saw may be that tool!

As you read our review, we’re going to talk a little more about the features of the Bosch 14 AMP Reciprocating Saw, but we’re also going to give you a look at what people who have bought the saw had to say about their overall experience with it.

Bosch RS428 14 Amp Reciprocating Saw

Then, we’re going to give you our recommendation on whether or not this reciprocating saw is something you should consider purchasing for your own workshop!

About The Product

The Bosch Reciprocating Saw features a 14 amp motor and a constant response circuitry, which means it will run at a steady speed no matter what you’re trying to saw your way through. Because it functions at this steady speed, you won’t have to worry about the tool getting bogged down when you’re cutting through tougher materials.

Notable Features Of The Bosch 14 AMP Reciprocating Saw Include

  • High Power 14 Amps to through hard / dense materials with ease
  • Vibration Control System to reduce vibration to a minimum
  • Best Power to Weight Ratio - 14 Amps of power and weighing only 8-pounds
  • Constant orbit - optimizes performance and speed
  • Constant Response Electronics - Keeps tool running at constant speed under load
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty


The saw weighs 8 pounds and that weight will help you make the necessary cuts for your project without having to apply much force. The anti-vibration system reduces the reciprocating motion you’ll feel and if you wear a pair of work gloves, you’ll barely be able to feel it. This means you’re not going to have that tingly feelings in your hands after prolonged use.

Bosch RS428 14 Amp


The saw uses a soft start motor, which could take some getting used to if you are unfamiliar with this type of feature. You’ll find that the soft start motor will slowly bring your saw up to full speed (about 1 to 2 seconds) when you squeeze the trigger.

This tool uses a toolless blade clamp that holds the blade securely in place. To get change the blade, you’ll need to turn the blade lock to loosen the clamp.

What People Had To Say

When looking at what people had to say about the Bosch 14 AMP Reciprocating Saw, we were pleased to see that so many people enjoyed using this saw for their DIY projects, but also for professional use as well.

Customers found the saw to be powerful and sturdy without being too much to handle. They liked that the tool had a powerful motor, which was critical when cutting through things like metal pipes, trees, and lumber.

Bosch RS428 14 Amp


Customers also reported that they appreciated the constant orbital action. To them, they felt that this saw could handle anything they threw at it with no problem. They also report that the constant speed is a nice change over other models that have the tendency to slow down dramatically while making cuts through denser material.

Although there were plenty of positive reviews for this saw, there were some people who were disappointed by its performance. The most common complaint people had was that the toolless blade clamp wasn’t very well thought out. They felt that it was difficult to loosen, or it didn’t hold the blade well enough and they felt uncomfortable using the saw.

Another concern some people had was that the tool got hot when they were using it. While a tool heating up is common, customers reported that after using it for a half hour, the tool got so hot that they couldn’t hold it.

Other customers felt that the tool didn’t have the power they were looking for, causing them to push down on the saw while trying to make a cut. One person said their saw stopped working completely only after using it for three months with very little use.

Our Recommendation

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as completing a job, from start to finish. That sense of accomplishment and the praise you receive from your loved ones can be intoxicating! In order to do certain jobs, you’re going to want a reciprocating saw that is going to be powerful, easy to use, and comfortable!

Bosch RS428 14 Amp Reciprocating Saw


The Bosch 14 AMP Reciprocating Saw is a powerful little tool that is worthy of the Bosch name. It has a powerful motor that will help you cut through items. The weight of the saw is going to do most of the work, which means you won’t be pressing down on the saw hard.

Thanks to the constant orbital action and the constant speed, you can make quick work of any job. The anti-vibration technology is going to be a lifesaver if you have a lot of cutting to do!

When you wear work gloves when using this tool, you’ll find that you aren’t going to experience that tingly sensation in your hands that you would normally get after using a power tool for a prolonged period of time.

What’s also nice about this saw is that it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, plus a 1 year warranty. While this warranty isn’t as long as other warranties for similar tools, it is still nice to know that you can turn to the company for a replacement or repair if something should happen to the saw while using it.

Also, when the saw isn’t being used, you can store it in the storage bag that is included with the tool. If you’re looking for a reciprocating saw that is going to help make your cutting tasks easier, we fully recommend the Bosch 14 AMP Reciprocating Saw.

Our Rating